Weave your child’s learning journey with Tapestry

Time is very precious, especially as your little ones develop so quickly in a short space of time. After switching from paper learning journeys to an educational software, ‘Tapestry’ over two years ago we’d never look back and our parents love it!

On registering with us you receive a unique username and password to your child’s secure account, where regular observations, photographs and videos of your child’s learning are uploaded.This could be moments such as ‘taking their first steps’, constructing a tower’ or riding one of our trikes in the garden.  You then have the opportunity to not only comment but upload any moments you have shared at home.

From and early years perspective we also highlight areas of learning that your child has met during the observation, so you can also become familiar with the educational aspects, which govern all early years settings. Some local primary schools are also ‘weaving’.  With he introduction of Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 assessments it means that children who start with Tapestry in their Early Years can take their journey into primary school once they leave us.

Obviously E-safety is extremely important to us, therefore a signed agreement, outlining guidelines and other user information is required. Observations are taking on iPads purchased by the nursery that are kept and remain on the premises at all times and information is stored on a highly secure server.

We are always striving to improve our communication and partnership with parents so what better way than to join us in celebrating your child’s learning adventure.